Recently I had a client come to me to quit smoking. I explained to her that the secret of quitting smoking is that you have to want to, not need to. If you do not want to quit smoking , hyptnotism, patches or chemical gums will not work. I explained this to the client as well as telling her that the two words, hope and try have to come out of her vocabulary. Saying I hope this will work or I am going to try this is just saying that you are not commited. The client said that she wanted to quit smoking and we went ahead with the hypnosis process. After the process I asked the client if she was going to quit smoking, she replied ” I hope so”. The moment she said this I knew that she would start smoking and that she did not really want to quit. Sure enough she rang me the next day to say that she had started to smoke again. After a frank discussion she admitted that she did not really want to quit and was hoping that I would convince her that she wanted to quit.

My job is certainlly not convince you to want to quit smoking , my job is to guide and facilitate the client to quit smoking. If you want to quit be truthful with yourself before attending a session and be clear that you want to quit smoking and do not need to quit smoking.

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