Smoking Helps You to Survive

From the age of 12 to about 25 the urge to fit in and be accepted can and will override
the consequences of our actions.

The urge to fit in and be accepted is translated by the brain as a survival mechanism.

The habit of smoking often starts in the early teens as a way to fit in, this habit is
translated as a habit that helps survival and that is why the habit of smoking
can be hard to give up.

The brain is a wonderful organ but it can still be quite primitive. In the past if we
worked together and in a group we […]

Smoking and Triggers

Smoking is often associated with an activity in life. In other words people will smoke when they are doing certain tasks, these are called triggers. To Quit Smoking successfully these triggers have to be identified and then broken. A common way of breaking smoking triggers or dissociating smoking from activities is to use hypnosis and NLP. Some of the more common triggers are:

Smoking after a meal
Smoking with coffee or tea
Smoking whilst driving
Smoking when stressed or bored
Smoking at parties
Smoking when drinking
Smoking after sex
Smoking whilst talking on the phone



Life dealt me a lesson today in being grateful for what I have. I have had challanges in painting a ceiling and was somewhat grumpy when I went to the pool shop with my broken chlorinator. The owner of the shop informed me that my repair bill would be over $ 600 which really made me grumpy. When I told the owner I could not afford it he told me that his new forklift had been stolen and as a result had put his back out having to load bags of salt into t been he shop. After buying some salt I was […]