A lot of people are afraid of quitting smoking because they feel that they will gain to
much weight when they quit. Most people who quit smoking gain on an average of
2 to 5 kg in the long term. What is clear is that the health benefits of not
smoking far exceed any health complications with the weight gain.

It is popularly believed that smoking decreases body weight by supressing the appetite. Studies
have shown that smokers do not eat less than non-smokers or ex-smokers and, in
fact they tend to eat slightly more.

Eating consistently increases in the first weeks after stopping smoking, but will then
decrease to levels of eating before quitting smoking. Weight gain is not
necessarily inevitable. After quitting smoking it is advisable to reduce food
intake and since the body will now be provided with more oxygen do some

Smokers tend to be less physically active, engage in sedentary activities such as
watching TV or surfing the internet and consume less fruit and vegetables. Set
a goal when quitting smoking to lose some weight and to do some exercise and
weight gain will not occur.


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