Yes there is. This is why quite frequently when you quit smoking smoking you have a need to eat sweets, it has caused an addiction to sugar, not nicotine. Sugar also it hides the bitter taste of the nicotine which is NOT addictive. Have you ever heard of anyone addicted to Nicotine patches? I think not…An interesting point. According to studies, the long term quitting success rate of nicotine patches can be as low as 1.6%, yet it is promoted as an ‘effective’ means of quitting smoking. (Would you use a condom as an ‘effective’ means of birth control and protection if it split 98% of the time?). There is no doubt that sugar in cigarettes is one of the main factors that causes health problems.
The food processing industry is the biggest users of sugar, putting as much as 50% in processed foods. Filling the number 2 slot in sugar use is the tobacco industry. It is required by law to print a warning on a cigarette box but it is the only product where you do not have to print a list of ingredients.
According to the March 1973 edition of Medical World News there is an average of 5-20% of sugar in a cigarette and as much as 40% in pipe tobacco. Studies on sugar in cigarettes reveal that sugar is the main source of lung cancer. It is highly carcinogenic product when burnt and is a source of unhealthy fats such as triglycerides.

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