Many people that come to see me to stop smoking tell me that I am their last resort to quit smoking cigarettes. They tell me that they have tried patches, pills, sprays and needles and even though they stopped smoking temporarily they went back to smoking.

A lot of the hype around these treatments tells you that you will quit smoking easily and quickly. The truth is that the chances of you quitting permanently using these methods is about 7%. Hence this is why people come to me as the last resort.

If you were to do some research you will find that the use of hypnotherapy is one of the most successful ways to stop smoking. You have to ask yourself if that is the case why don’t you hear more about it. The answer to that is that most of the ways advertised to quit smoking cigarettes is owned by big companies. Companies that can afford advertising.
So why is hypnosis so successful? It’s because hypnosis breaks the habit of smoking in the unconscious mind. The unconscious is the most powerful part of your body as it controls all of your programming.

Smoking tricks the unconscious into thinking that your smoking is associated with safety and survival. Unless you change this in the unconscious you will not stop smoking. Patches, pills and sprays do not work on the unconscious and that is why the success rate from these methods is so low.

Hypnosis might be the last resort but it is also the most successful. If you are wanting to stop smoking then use hypnosis first, it will save you a lot of money and time.

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